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Rony Barsoum
 Worker's Compensation Attorney, Los Angeles
Have Questions about Workers' Compensation in California?

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What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

The federal government affords employees injured while working the ability to have workers’ compensation benefits cover related financial losses. California as well as each other state have rules when employees are hurt at work. It’s important to have an experienced legal team handle your case and explain the process of legal proceedings, payments, claims and procedures. Read below for some suggestions to help your workers’ compensation case be resolved in a timely manner.


As an injured worker, the amount of benefits you are entitled to through workers’ compensation depends on the extent of your injuries. While you are recovering, you may receive payments until you are able to return to work. If you’ve sustained a long-term or permanent injury, you may qualify for long-term financial assistance or a program that serves to reintegrate you back into the job market.



  • Report the injury right away to your employer who should document your injury

  • File your workers’ compensation claim

  • Doctor evaluation to determine a fair amount of benefits

  • If denied appeal your claim

What to do if you are injured on the job?
What are some Workers’s Compensation Typical Accidents?
  • Back Pain & Injury

  • Neck Pain & Injury

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

  • Broken Bones Injuries

  • Head Injuries

  • TBI

  • Wrongful Death

  • Loss of Limbs

  • Paralysis

  • Internal Bleeding

  • Road Rash

  • Scars

  • Whiplash

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